A Look at Zinnialou Jewelry

While all of our offerings are music-inspired, we knew Zinnialou Jewelry would be a perfect fit for our store. Drifter Merch carries Zinnialou's custom bangles that are made with recycled guitar strings in gold, brass and silver tones. The can be worn solo or mixed with multiples styles.

Guitar String Bracelets
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Based in Folly Beach, SC, Zinnialou Jewelry is owned by designer Shelly Lynch, a childhood friend of Bert's who actually first introduced us in Jackson Hole! Shelly's ability to cut stones along with her dedication to using original components such as porcupine quills and bullet shells enables her to create jewelry unique and customizable for her clientele.

“I love making custom pieces for clients, because it’s challenging and rewarding when you’ve created a piece that speaks to someone’s personality," stated Shelly. 

Shelly’s southern roots have provided the inspiration for many of her pieces. Her inspiration for her jewelry line is derived from a perfect combination of music, nature & travel.

For more information and to shop all of her design, visit www.zinnialou.com